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Wayne Cooney - your go to Cambridge Based Insurance Broker

Updated: May 4, 2023

Wayne Cooney Insurance Broker
Wayne Cooney Insurance Broker

If you want someone who is passionate about insurance and loves helping people. Wayne Cooney is your go-to insurance broker. Covering domestic, tradie and commercial/ business insurance he has a plan for you.

A Covid casualty, Cooney was laid off from a business development role in March 2020. However, this enabled him to grow a business that would combine all the things he enjoys, customer service, business support and development. Two and a half years later his insurance business is still reaching new heights.

Cooney strongly believes in bringing his values to work. Integrity to build a strong relationship with his clients. Honesty speaks for itself. Determination, hard work ethic and passion to provide the best level of service. Resilience, life throws some curve balls sometimes and he has had his share, but it builds endurance. And finally, on probably a much longer list than above, positivity. When everything seems to be working against you, positivity will help you through. Looking up not back will move you forward more easily.

Client care and service are at the forefront of Cooney’s mind. Care and integrity epitomise his work, on his client’s behalf. There’s no call centre here, he works one on one to give everyone the best help possible.

If you are looking for an insurance broker who also wants what you want, then look no further. It’s highly likely Wayne Cooney has some of the same life goals as you so why wouldn’t he do his best to make them happen? Cooney is in it for the long haul, he wants to be there for you over the years as you live your life with no insurance stress.

With his can-do attitude and relatable morals, Wayne Cooney will help you reach your goals!

Contact Wayne Cooney Insurance Broker

Email -

Phone - 021 347 640

Address– 109a Townsend Street, Leamington, Cambridge

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